Oh. Man. 

Have I found the best brush for all of the tender headed kids out there!  I would have not believed it if I hadn’t used it myself on both of my drama, tangled, banshee, tender scalp princesses!

I like function. I like affordability. I love this brush! Awesome Brush

You can find this brush many places (I found mine at my local NEX)  for the price of a mascara!  Mine was less than $7. 

Years and years of screaming, drama and tears!  Each night, the same story, “the brush or the scissors baby doll, what’ll it be?”

My aunt has a granddaughter who was in beauty school and she told me about this brush. 

I rolled my eyes. Another gimmick product. 

Nope!  Tender heads UNITE!  

That is all. 


Any Thoughts?

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