Nighttime Achievement Awards

Currently (11:24 pm) I am lying awake in my bed, marveling (like all mothers do) at how magnificent, talented and better my kids are, than your kids…. 

Wonder if I’d get honks or gun shots for THAT bumper sticker! Maybe just vehicular vandalism. 

We (as a proud race of stumbleparents) must learn to embrace and celebrate our children and their mild achievements. For… Self esteem or somecrap like that. 

For example, my kids are quite skilled at doing things in their sleep; farting, talking, yoga, sitting straight up and freaking me out, pretending to fly, scratching their butt cracks, losing things, fighting ninjas, saying no and my personal favorite, gradually claiming mattress real estate. 

All while dead asleep. 

As I type this post out with pride, an elbow in my left eye and half a leg covered, I smile and remind myself that one day…. One sweet day, I will be senile and doing all of this back to them. 

Happy Stumbling!

PS – I’m busy finishing a masters degree, so relax… I have tons more material for later when I can think, breath, sleep, eat and shower all in one day.  



Any Thoughts?

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