There’s Nothing Wrong With You…

Recently, my spunky-pinky-spirited child (8.5) has been having some trouble in school.  She’s always been a great reader, loves science and social studies and catches on quick with math.

We aren’t sure what we are dealing with here.  We suspect it could be a combination of things: sensory-processing, ADHD, anxiety and who knows what else.

First of all, let me say this: I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with my child.  Even after we get these tests done… it doesn’t matter to me WHAT they call whatever it is she might be dealing with here.  The only thing I care about is that she has the tools and resources necessary to continue her scholastic success.

As the dude and I discussed how we were going to attack this process, the thought of “what are we going to tell her?” came up.

Here’s what I did tell her:

“Baby doll.  You are a beautiful machine.  You are in a classroom full of different types of cars.  Some are Honda Civics, some are Ford pickups, some are Chevys, others might be Toyotas.  You, my love are not like any of those other cars.  You are a Porsche.  (She became very excited about this – she loves Porsche’s)

This doesn’t mean they are better vehicles than you are, and it doesn’t mean that you are a better vehicle than they are.  This simply means that you are a specialized type of vehicle that is missing some key parts and tools that your teachers currently don’t have for you.

What we need to do, is go to see some master mechanics to find out what parts and tools you need for your very specific engine type.  Once we figure out what parts and tools you need…. well, this school struggle won’t seem like a big deal anymore.”


No kid likes to think that there is something wrong with them.  And they should know that there ISN’T anything wrong with them.  Just like a hand shouldn’t feel badly that it doesn’t do what the eyeball does.  A pair of nostrils shouldn’t lament that they are not able to grasp a pencil.  We are all different and we all can require different things sometimes.  No big deal.

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