But what if it hurts their feelings?

Have you ever been faced with a situation that put you between a rock and a hard place?  I’m not talking about which car insurance to decide upon, or which lower back tattoo to grace your haunches.  I’m talking about the situation where something/someone is causing a problem BUT they are your friend/family/dearly loved. Being […]

When all else fails…

Waiting in the airport again, nice and early in the morning, I reflect back on my previous coast to coast flight. I’m not usually shocked or surprised by human behaviors or what one might refer to as a tragedy or travesty. Moved, saddened, ashamed… But not shocked.  As a stumblemom, I have flown with my […]

Perfectly Imperfect…

Every time I make a mistake, every time I screw up BIG with my kids, there is a process of emotions that I go through. Justification – she had it coming!  I’ve put up with so much for so long, I’m allowed to get angry! Doubt – well, maybe I shouldn’t have cursed… or gotten […]


   Oh. Man.  Have I found the best brush for all of the tender headed kids out there!  I would have not believed it if I hadn’t used it myself on both of my drama, tangled, banshee, tender scalp princesses! I like function. I like affordability. I love this brush! Awesome Brush You can find this […]

Inside Out Fartastrophy!

Just a real quick funny for your midweek slump! The movie, “Inside Out” was fantastic!!!!  especially if you have a “spirited” child like I do!  Remember my post about the big feelings and how they were her big, powerful horses?  Well, this movie fit perfectly! We went to see it on a Sunday afternoon, just […]