Lessons in Joy (as taught by a toddler)

If you’re a parent, it’s no mystery that you can learn a LOT from your children.   If you’re a parent and you are confused by this statement… You’re not paying close enough attention.  My children have taught me more in their short, little lives than I have learned in decades of living.  So here […]

Don’t Do It! Do It…

   In an interesting turn of events the other night, we flipped a complete 180 with my wild card child!   She’s 6. And as we all know, 6-year olds are honest. They are honest about what they see, what they smell, what they feel, what they taste, what they think and most honest about […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places…

If you’ve ever had your heart broken by someone, or even experienced the soul sinking feeling that your intense feelings of affection are either misguided or worse yet, not reciprocated… you should naturally not want anyone you love to experience anything like that.

First Grade Sex Talk… And Fire Safety.

Yup… you read the title correctly. Now, before you judge me or anyone else for that matter, hear the whole story.  Or read it…or whatever… If you have kids of ANY age, you will or you have had the “sex” talk or some version of it.  If you’re thinking that you won’t have to have […]

Everything I Yell At My Kid, I’m Still Learning!

“Just listen!!!” “Would you hurry up?!” “Ugh!  You get so distracted!” “If you open your eyes and your ears and close your MOUTH, you’d learn more!” “Stop asking questions!  You don’t need to be in control, just enjoy the ride!” “Don’t put that mermaid in the fan!”  (Ok, not everything) There have been times where […]

Busy Mom Finds Time…

Blogging with my thumbs right now on a break from packing to discuss the concept of TRANSITIONS! We are packing up to move (yet again) and everything is going smoothly! (Celebratory mom dance here). Davi (my spunky 6-year-old) has always had a tough time with transitions. Changing from sleeping to waking, from playing to peeing, […]