Take Responsibility!

So very sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while my fellow Stumbleparents!  Life has been changing and moving… kind of like trying to change a tire on a vehicle WHILE it’s in motion. I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SHARE THIS LONG-AWAITED MOM WIN WITH YOU ALL! I’ve finished school, the hubs has finished up […]

Lessons in Joy (as taught by a toddler)

If you’re a parent, it’s no mystery that you can learn a LOT from your children.   If you’re a parent and you are confused by this statement… You’re not paying close enough attention.  My children have taught me more in their short, little lives than I have learned in decades of living.  So here […]

Nighttime Achievement Awards

Currently (11:24 pm) I am lying awake in my bed, marveling (like all mothers do) at how magnificent, talented and better my kids are, than your kids….  Wonder if I’d get honks or gun shots for THAT bumper sticker! Maybe just vehicular vandalism.  We (as a proud race of stumbleparents) must learn to embrace and […]

Inside Out Fartastrophy!

Just a real quick funny for your midweek slump! The movie, “Inside Out” was fantastic!!!!  especially if you have a “spirited” child like I do!  Remember my post about the big feelings and how they were her big, powerful horses?  Well, this movie fit perfectly! We went to see it on a Sunday afternoon, just […]

Super Mom or Pirate? Hmmmmm…

   Ignore this post if you don’t want to hear me whine… Who doesn’t feel like a failure from time to time?  Today is my time.  I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m too dumb, I’m too impatient, I’m too bitchy, I’m too selfish, and I am feeling like a failure in every area of […]

Rules for Reason

   Just a quick analogy story for your tired parent eyes! If you have a limit pusher, a rule breaker, a wild child, a deviant, or a general inquisitive, intelligent imp… This story might be relevant.  I’ve learned with my spirited 6-year-old, that saying, “The rule is…” Before stating anything I want her to comply […]