Take Responsibility!

So very sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while my fellow Stumbleparents!  Life has been changing and moving… kind of like trying to change a tire on a vehicle WHILE it’s in motion. I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SHARE THIS LONG-AWAITED MOM WIN WITH YOU ALL! I’ve finished school, the hubs has finished up […]

If at first you don’t succeed, fail fail fail fail fail fail fail….

I am accustomed to failure, but some failures turn out to be substantially larger sticks thrown in the spokes of my self-propelled unicycle of life.

Don’t Do It! Do It…

   In an interesting turn of events the other night, we flipped a complete 180 with my wild card child!   She’s 6. And as we all know, 6-year olds are honest. They are honest about what they see, what they smell, what they feel, what they taste, what they think and most honest about […]


Every parent dreads that phone call, that email, that conference…. the one where it starts out with another adult saying Mr. or Mrs. in front of your last name, followed by, “we need to talk about little (insert child’s name here)” and that sinking, heavy oatmeal feeling in your gut.