Take Responsibility!

So very sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while my fellow Stumbleparents!  Life has been changing and moving… kind of like trying to change a tire on a vehicle WHILE it’s in motion. I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SHARE THIS LONG-AWAITED MOM WIN WITH YOU ALL! I’ve finished school, the hubs has finished up […]

Rules for Reason

   Just a quick analogy story for your tired parent eyes! If you have a limit pusher, a rule breaker, a wild child, a deviant, or a general inquisitive, intelligent imp… This story might be relevant.  I’ve learned with my spirited 6-year-old, that saying, “The rule is…” Before stating anything I want her to comply […]

Pimum Non Nocere

Stumbling around in parenthood can be a little frightening at times. Like when the lights first go out and you’re in an unfamiliar room. Or even worse, you are in a familiar room, but someone’s moved all the furniture and strewn toys everywhere. Your mind races back to your own childhood and your brow furrows […]

It’s the Little Things…

As far as little things go… I’m a fan. It’s the little things we’ll remember when they’re off to college or to Europe to study art, or whatever. It will be those little tiny moments that we will hold on to so tightly after we can no longer hold on to the moment makers themselves. I love my little things.

ADHD, and other labels…

You’re here. You’ve started somewhere. You’re not alone. Keep reading, keep searching, and keep changing for the better. Don’t give up. Be the gardener that provides your little plant (whatever type they may be) with the right soil and elements they need to grow deep roots that grow to support themselves and provide the world with their gifts that they have naturally.

Not Another Parenting Book…

Today could be seen as an actual victory in mothering a “Spirited Child” or whatever you want to call the kid that is more challenging than the average.  I’m not sure what came over me, but all of the books by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka I’ve been reading kicked in and helped me! If you’re reading […]